Steelwave Web App for graphic design and pre-press management


SWApp is designed to optimise the remote management of any graphic artwork production process - both as regards creative work and as regards repro files approved for print. The concept is an agile structure with full capability and flexibility as regards accommondating whatever form of data availability applies on a job-by-job basis or within any specific workflow. Notably, it is possible to upload per-project files in all popular formats, at the same time as this strategy avoids duplicating whatever information is handled through the convenience of conventional email. As the deployment of the application is tuned to specific customer requirements, please login for further information regarding any specific use of SWApp.

Asset Management

Both Design Projects and Repro Projects can contain any number of artwork files in PDF format - limited only by a maximum file upload size. However, these uploaded files are primarily intended for information and reference purposes as regards the development of projects, and SWApp is not itself intended as a repository for master digital assets. These are securely held by Steelwave within other resources. Please contact us if you require further information regarding the availability of master files.


If you are a newcomer to SWApp you will find access to application and workflow help once logged on. The structure is generally simple and intuitive, but is configured uniquely for each customer's needs. Should you have any issues logging in, any questions regarding the SWApp application in general, or a specific issue not answered by the online help documentation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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