Steelwave Web App for graphic design and pre-press management


SWApp benefits from 20 years of direct involvement in the management and coordination of graphic workflows and digital assets.   As with other Steelwave applications, it can be customised to meet specific needs - from the commissioning of designs, to ensuring the availability of legacy repro and data.   However, the flexibility provided by the SWApp electronic job-bag also means that any data from any source can be immediately stored electronically, provided it can be saved in any normal format.   Scans, photographs, text, presentation, spreadsheet documents and more, can all be directly uploaded.   In effect, no data is ever in the wrong format.

The new build is optimised for mobile as well as desktop computing devices and meets the latest online security standards within a very lean footprint.   It can be tuned to complement other business systems, or used as a standalone solution, all the way from conceptualisation to approved repro.   Contact Steelwave for more information.

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